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I met Frank Shamrock at the 2005 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  You couldn't meet a nicer guy -- just don't meet him in the ring!  On the right is Master Brian Blauser, Sensei - Chief instructor for the Golden Dragon Self-Defense Academy.

Frank is one tough competitor. I enjoyed talking to him and learning some of his techniques.

Master Blauser uses an arm bar to take 1st Dan Jason Wilkinson to the mat.

Sensei Mike Washington is presented his 2nd Dan in Kenjukido Kenpo Jujitsu, Jan. 2007

Master Blauser lands a well placed punch.

Erica Blauser tests for a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Wilkinson gets a choke hold on Master Blauser

Sensei Garrett gets upper hand at 2003 Hall of Fame.

Where it all began - Camp Ames, Korea, U.S. Army. Here is where I took my first formal training in Korean Yudo.

Me and Sensei Jose Bueno - Jujitsu and Arnis

Me and Prof. Silverio Guerra, founder and president of UMAHOF.

Del Garrett - Osensei, National Kenjukido Federation

Dustin Cantrell, Sensei, promoted to 2nd Dan

The name Golden Dragon comes from several sources, the dragon being the culmination of all knowledge, but as a soldier on my way to Korea our ship crossed the 180th meridian and that qualified me for induction into the Domain of the Golden Dragon. From this early part of my history comes the basis for the name Golden Dragon Self-Defense Academy.

Scott Gray, Owner of the Hard Knocks Martial Arts Academy in Judsonia, Ark., teaches Taekwondo and Hapkido and is a blackbelt in Kenjukido Kenpo-Jujitsu.

Dustin Cantrell instructs a white belt in when to duck!

Sensei Jim Altom, Judsonia, Ark. has the distinction of being the first student under me to go all the way from white belt to black belt. Mr. Altom teaches Hapkido and earned his first black belt in Combat Hapkido and his black belt in Kenjukido Kenpo Jujitsu with honors.

Kocho Sensei Buddy Garrett (left) congratulates Sensei Lucas Stewart, 1st Dan Kenjukido (center - Jacksonville dojo) on receiving his Tang Soo Do 1st Dan from TSD instructor Jamie Yowell (right)

Osensei Del Garrett demonstrates a lockout on senior brown belt Justin Spurgeon at the 2013 Defenders of the Faith Open House in Jacksonville, Ark.

Congratulations to Brian Blauser for his promotion to 6th Dan.

Newest Kenjukido members at the Searcy, Ark. dojo -- Paula Lockhart and Jason Rushing.

GM James Goodwin recognized as NKF grandmaster.

Congratulations to Lucas Stewart on his promotion to 4th Dan and his new position as Sensei Dai for the National Kenjukido Federation.

Named Master of the Year by the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.